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Archi | Investigations for characterising and understanding reinforced concrete structures

Between November and December 2015, SOING designed, built and analysed a diagnostic campaign on a public property building complex in Livorno.

The investigations were performed both on reinforced concrete structural parts and on non-structural ones. The investigations were aimed at a global assessment of the state of conservation of the property and were used to carry out an intervention project proposal for restoration of the areas and of the damaged structures, designed by architect Dario Menichetti.

The number and distribution of the tests carried out in accordance with the Technical Standards consisted of: GPR surveys for reconstructing the geometry of the pillar, beam and floor armour; SonReb investigations (ultrasound and sclerometer) for indirectly determining the concrete quality; sampling of concrete carrots and execution of laboratory tests; thermographic surveys for verifying the levels of infiltration and moisture; direct testing on joints and terraces; sampling of the reinforcing bars and execution of laboratory tests.